Once upon a time in the world of real estate development, there was a newborn project that had a unique perspective that believed there was something more important than just the architecture, landscape, or facilities of a project. An understanding that what truly made a place special was its people; the familiarity, intimacy, and domesticity it provided to its residents.

Eelaf, derived from the Arabic word meaning "familiarity," had a different approach when it came to identifying their projects. They didn't focus on the usual norms; instead, they looked at the characteristics of the people who would be calling these places home. It was all about the who, rather than the how.

Within Eelaf, there was a special focus on a particular group of people known as Alfeya. These are the millennials - the vibrant and dynamic generation shaping the world today. Eelaf recognized that the key to capturing their hearts was to create spaces that catered to their unique characteristics, allowing them to build comfort zones and emotional bonds. From the very beginning, Eelaf set out to weave a narrative of familiarity, becoming a project of havens of warmth and connection. It was not just about the physical structure; it was about fostering a sense of belonging and understanding with aspirations, dreams and values. Every detail, from room layouts to communal areas, was meticulously designed to encourage interaction and create a strong sense of community.

Eelaf offers an experience where architecture and facilities become charming backdrops to the beautiful stories of its occupants. Welcome to Eelaf, where connections are built, and comfort zones become cherished memories.

Construction Updates

Construction Updates


"Eelaf: Where Accessibility Meets Tranquility - Your Perfect Home" Welcome to Eelaf, a stunning development located directly on the Suez road, making it easily accessible through various routes such as the Old Suez Road, New Suez Road, Youssef Elsebai axis, Alnaser Axis road, and the Ring Road. The strategic location of Eelaf puts you within easy reach of various attractions. You'll be pleased to know that it's just a 10-minute drive from the airport, ensuring convenient travel connections. Additionally, Al Rehab City is only 5 minutes away, allowing for easy access to its amenities and services. If you're looking to explore the bustling heart of Egypt's future, the New Capital is just 15 minutes away. Finally, the prestigious American University in Cairo (AUC) can be reached in a mere 10 minutes. Immerse yourself in the comfort and convenience of Eelaf’s location, as it offers proximity to key destinations, ensuring that your daily commute and leisure activities are all within easy reach. Experience the perfect blend of accessibility and tranquility at Eelaf.